Web based with no installation required. Works on any modern browser (Mac or PC).

Fully integrated modules for music hook library, questionnaire builder, online collection (front end) surveys, CATI collection and management, data processing, reporting and analysis.

Under continuous development and designed to save you time. Customised for your bespoke reporting and workflow requirements.

Create custom demographics and segments at any time

Trending & complex analysis tables & charts

Bespoke calculations for audience tracking and music scores

Custom layout tables

Export to Excel for external reports

Batch jobs & automations for repetitive tasks

Import legacy data from external sources

Custom reports for your requirements

Integrate with third party software/platforms

Online surveys - great respondent experience with clean, modern design. Optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Utilise screeners and quota management. View in real time. Keep track of CATI operator KPIs.

Live, always up-to-date dashboards. Even from your mobile.